The upload is now handled by the framework

To upload your files we first used a Foxx service to handle them. The problem we got is that sending files to a Foxx service is not a good idea if your application allow users to send a lot of assets. It's a blocking process.

Now your files will be handled by the Lapis / Moonscript / Lua / Openresty stack. In a non blocking way.

The another good news is that now we don't need to share a folder within docker between ArangoDB and the application. So you can use now any tier service to host your database (e.g. oasis)

So right now, it looks the same but it's really not the same. It's more efficient and allow you to run Fasty within an ArangoDB cluster ! 

Also, you can now scale your application very easily ! Each nodes will be autonomous.

We used Google cloud service to manage file storage which allow you to store any data you need fr your application. For that we used the cloud_storage package. Big thanks to the author (leafo) of lapis and this cloud_storage module.

We removed dependency

Now all images manipulations are done via Fasty via vips commands. Here my donkey resized :)

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