Admin Enhancement

We made small improvements to the admin UI. We will need to work more on it to make it more user friendly. But as a developer it looks decent for now. The UI is a RiotJS application so it's fast and small. The backend is a Foxx service powered by ArangoDB. 

Background colors

Depending the URL the background will change. By example will be blue, will be yellow, will be green and will be red. It's useful to alert user about the current env.

development (default)




Fasty has a secure way to deploy from dev to qa to staging to production. It' not mandatory and you can choose your worklow. Shortest path are doable (dev to prod).

Datasets filtering

The datasets index page use now a view to search and filter your content. Here the default view :

  "links": {
    "datasets": {
      "analyzers": [
      "fields": {
        "search": {
          "analyzers": [
      "includeAllFields": true,
      "storeValues": "none",
      "trackListPositions": false
  "type": "arangosearch"

The default languages in the analyzers are text_fr & text_en ... you can add more by editiong this view in the arangoDB UI.

A better way to feed the search field

Now you can define a complex AQL request to gather data from other collection if needed. So the search field will contains data from several collections.

In your datatype definition you can now define your search field like that :

  "search":["title", "desc", { "aql": "FOR doc IN datasets FILTER doc._id == @id FOR brand IN datasets FILTER brand.type == 'brands' FILTER brand._key == doc.brand FOR model IN datasets FILTER model.type == 'models' FILTER model._key == doc.model FOR category IN datasets FILTER category.type == 'categories' FILTER category._key == doc.category RETURN CONCAT_SEPARATOR(' ', brand.title, model.title, category.title[@lang])" }]

So you can mix your regular collection's columns and AQL request result. It looks tricky but can be powerful !

What is the roadmap ?

We currently don't have any roadmap. We implement features when we actually need them. But we will spend some times on planning the next roadmap. Here some ideas coming to my mind :

  • Better documentation
  • Nicer admin UI
  • An easy way to import existing free templates
  • Saas offer
  • Communicate more about the headless CMS feature (it's hype ;))
  • More tests

If you are looking for a fast CMS please join us, provide us some feedbacks!

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